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Unlocking your phone

Phones bought from Virgin Mobile are locked to our network to make sure they aren’t accidentally reprogrammed and that important network functions stay safe and in place.  Before we can unlock your phone, you’ll need to meet the criteria below.

Heads Up!  To maintain your phone manufacturer’s warranty, your unlock request needs to be processed by Virgin Mobile.

Wanna travel with your phone?

If you’re hitting the road and want to keep your phone number, you don’t necessarily need to unlock your phone. You can buy a travel pass and skip the unlocking fee. Bonus!

Ready to rock and unlock?

Here’s the criteria you’ll need to meet for us to unlock your phone:

  • You must be or have been a Virgin Mobile member.
  • The phone must be locked to Virgin Mobile’s network.
  • The phone cannot be reported as lost or stolen.
  • The phone must be HSPA or LTE compatible.
  • Subsidized phones must have been activated with service for at least 90 days. Phones that’ve been purchased outright or that don’t have a remaining phone balance or discounts, can be unlocked any time if all other requirements are met.
  • Prepaid phones can be unlocked at anytime if there’s a prepaid balance to deduct the unlocking fee.
  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • If your account has been cancelled, you can’t have a balance owing on your account and any pending charges should be paid.

What do I need to unlock my device?

  • The device you want to unlock (have it handy).
  • A non-Virgin Mobile SIM card that fits the device you're unlocking.
  • Your device's IMEI number.
  • A credit card to pay the unlocking fee.

Heads up! We'll give you the unlocking codes and instructions once we complete your request.


To unlock your phone, we’ll need to charge you a one-time fee by credit card that’ll show on your Virgin Mobile account.

Here’s a breakdown of fees:

  • Base fee is $50 + applicable taxes.
  • Phones under contract and subject to credit conditions like a credit limit or credit deposit is $150 + applicable taxes.
  • Former Virgin Mobile members $75 + applicable taxes.


Heads up!  To seal the deal, you’ll need a non-Virgin Mobile SIM card that fits your phone. Most tablets in the Android Nexus series (i.e. LG Nexus, Samsung Nexus, Motorola Nexus, etc) and the Microsoft Nokia Lumia, are sold factory unlocked. So, check to see if your phone is already unlocked before you start by inserting the non-Virgin Mobile SIM into the phone and making a call. If your call goes through, then your phone is already unlocked. Sweet!  For info on how to change your SIM card check out our SIM support page or your phones user guide.

When you’re ready to unlock just login into your account.


Still need help?

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  • 1-888-999-2321