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Account Authorization

The main account holder, you can authorize other Members to make account changes on your behalf.  These Members are called authorized users. There are two types of authorized users:

  • Account Authorized User: have the majority of account management capabilities, with a few minor restrictions.
  • Data Authorized User: have the ability to unblock data and purchase Travel Passes/Roam Sweet Roam. We strongly recommend that all users on the account are designated as Data Authorized Users to ensure users don’t experience any loss of service due to data blocking.

Account Authorized Users, have the ability to:

  • Change rate plan or add features
  • Add data or roaming features
  • Transfer the responsibility of a mobile phone to themselves
  • Renew a contract
  • Upgrade a phone
  • Cancel a mobile number or wireless account
  • Change the payment method when on a pre-authorized credit card payment plan using their own card
  • Set an account password, which provides an added level of security

Account Authorized users have certain restrictions. The following changes can only be completed by the account holder:

  • Transfer the responsibility of a mobile phone to others
  • Activate additional mobile numbers
  • Reactivate an account that was cancelled for non-payment
  • Upgrade from Prepaid to a monthly plan
  • Set up an allowance or automatic top-up program on Prepaid plans
  • Complete a risk assessment and credit verification
  • Manage authorized contacts on the account
  • Choose preferred communication method (email, text, or both)
  • Block select users from incurring data overages

To add and/or remove Account Authorized Users, contact us

Data Authorized Users have the ability to:

  • Unblock overage when the account reaches $50 in domestic data overage
  • Purchase Travel Passes once the account reaches $100 in roaming data overage

Account holders can authorize users to block and unblock data by following these steps:

  • Log into My Account.
  • In the Quick Links section, click on Edit Mobility Data Block Settings
  • Click on Edit Settings
  • Click on Edit Select Users to Select or De-Select Users who are Authorized to block or unblock data

You can review and make changes to your account online anytime at virginmobile.ca/myaccount, or by downloading the Virgin Mobile My Account App on your Device.

For safety, we strongly recommend that all users on an account are designated as Data Authorized users. This is to ensure that there is no loss of service at any time for users, especially in emergency situations.

Still need help?

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