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Glad you asked! Virgin Mobile RE*Generation empowers a generation to help its own. It gives Members like you, and other Canadians, a chance to help at-risk and homeless youth develop skills to get and keep jobs.


Your contributions help our partners provide everything from mentorships to training for IT and construction jobs for at-risk and homeless youth. Through your support we’re working with our partners to help 450 youth get jobs in the next three years.


There are lots of opportunities to create opportunities.

Get a phone that does some good.

Grab a Samsung GALAXY smartphone from our RE*Generation phone family, and up to $15 will help at-risk and homeless youth get a job.

See the phones







Change For a Dollar

Make a difference every month, by agreeing to add $1 to your phone bill as a donation to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation.

  • How to do it

    It just takes a minute:

    1. Log in to My Account
    2. Head to the My Service tab
    3. Click on My Plan & Features
    4. Click on Change Features and go to Bundles
    5. Click the Add button beside Change for a Dollar

Text to Donate

Like the name suggests, you can send a text to make a $5 donation whenever you like.

  • How to do it

    Text the word REGEN to 30333 to donate $5 to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation.

RE*Generation Concert Series

Have a good time while you’re doing good, with benefit concerts where we donate a portion of the proceeds to our partners.

  • How to do it

    Keep your eye out for annual benefit concerts by following our announcements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like the personal touch? We’ll keep you posted by email or text messages.

    We’ve had amazing artists in past years, like Serena Ryder, Lady Gaga, Arkells, Mother Mother and Bedouin Soundclash.


Helping at-risk and homeless youth find and keep jobs will take all of us. Virgin Mobile RE*Generation has teamed up with CivicAction and Social Capital Partners to get others involved in helping youth find and keep jobs.

Investments have been made to programs that help at-risk and homeless youth develop the in-demand skills employers are looking for.

These programs will be managed by leading youth-serving groups including:

Other Virgin Mobile RE*Generation partners and initiatives that have supported at-risk and homeless youth include:

Why it matters?

What if you were homeless?
This is the situation for 35,000 youth across Canada who live in emergency shelters and up to 6,000 who sleep on the streets on any given night.

Many more youth are at-risk of slipping into homelessness – 225,000 aren’t working or in school. This isn’t good for them, and isn’t good for Canada.

Why is this happening?

Young workers accounted for about half of all job losses in 2008-2009. More than 250,000 of these jobs haven’t come back. With little opportunities to work, at-risk youth can’t afford decent, stable accommodations or the basic necessities. This makes it a huge challenge to emerge from homelessness, and so the cycle continues.

The Solution

Giving young people the skills they need to get jobs.