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Add-ons at a glance.

You love to hit the road, talk a ton, or have friends in far-flung places. We love to keep you connected. These add-ons help make the world, and your bill, a little smaller.

Good to know:


Grab a Mobile TV add-on and watch sports, news and the hottest TV shows on-the-go.

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Roaming & Travel

Get a roaming add-on before travelling to the US or internationally and save when calling, texting and using data.

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What are you all about?

Social butterflying

You like everything on Facebook and Instagram, love to text and IM, and hate it when your friends are too busy to talk.

Stay connected with:

the globe

You soak up sun in the south, skip bedtime in the Big Apple or do the hostel tour of Europe. And you like to let friends and family know where you’re at.

Travel worry free with:

Talking to faraway friends

You have BFFs from Vancouver to Florida and keep in touch by text, talk and Skype or FaceTime.

Stay connected with:

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