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Virgin Mobile SIM Cards at Dollarama! Just visit your closest Dollarama store, pick-up a Virgin Mobile SIM Card and checkout. Then, just follow the easy steps below to activate the SIM and you'll be enjoying our super awesome phone plans in no time.

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Bought a SIM card at Dollarama?
Thank you for purchasing your new Virgin Mobile SIM card at Dollarama. Here's some helpful information to help you get started.

Activating on a Virgin Mobile prepaid plan
If you haven't already, you'll need to activate your SIM card. You can do this easily online or by calling 1-866-904-9245.

During the initial activation, you'll need to make a payment. You can do this by using a credit card/Visa Debit. Alternatively, if you'd like to pay with cash, you can purchase a Top-Up card at the following locations:

You can also choose one of our Auto Payment Options and we will automatically charge your credit card, Visa Debit or bank account every month. Plus, you may be eligible for a special bonus. Learn more about our Auto Payment Options here.

Activating on a Virgin Mobile postpaid plan
You can activate your SIM card by calling 1-866-904-9245. Then pick the monthly plan and features that work best for you.

If you’re porting your number from another carrier, then go here to learn more.

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Using my Dollarama Gift Card:

Member must be in an active status to receive a Dollarama gift card. Once a Member has redeemed the Dollarama gift card in a participating Dollarama, all support such as balance and usage will need to be managed between the customer and Dollarama support at 1-888-755-1006 ext. 1000. If a Member has activated a prepaid SIM card and completes their second top up past the 30 day period but before 6 month period when their account gets suspended, Virgin Mobile will still honor the delivery of a Dollarama gift card to the Member.

If a Member activates their SIM card on a Bring Your Own Phone postpaid plan and has not made a payment past the 30 day period but before 3 month period when their account gets suspended, we will still honor the delivery of the Dollarama gift card.

Gift card is for new activations only. Does not apply to damaged or replaced cards