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Monthly standard rates.

We have plans that fit any style, but sometimes you may have to go over the usage limits for your plan or add-on. This list makes it easy to see all the additional pay-per-use charges in case you do go over. And if you ever want to see exactly what your usage limits are, just go to virginmobile.ca/myaccount.

By the way, unless your plan or add-on says something different, airtime is rounded up to the nearest minute, data usage is rounded up to the nearest kilobyte and outgoing text messages are counted.

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Standard Rates

Incoming Text


Outgoing Canada and U.S. Text


Call Forwarding


Outgoing International Text


Picture Messaging


Additional Local Minutes


Additional Long Distance Canada & U.S. Minutes


Additional Data

Depends on your plan.
Check out www.virginmobile.ca/myaccount for details regarding your additional data charges.

Want our most flexible data option?

Pay Per Use data is available with select Silver and Gold plans. Only pay for the data you use. If you don't use anything, you don't pay anything. Not sure how much data you’ll need? Check out our Data Calculator.

New Flexible Rates New Flexible Rates


  • These rates are subject to change over time.
  • For all U.S. and International roaming rates check out virginmobile.ca/longdistance
  • If your plan is currently not displayed on the web, these charges might not apply to you.
  • Log in to My Account for all details regarding your additional charges.

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