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How do I take control of my data usage?

Depending on the type of apps you use or how you use your phone, data charges can add up really quickly. And nobody wants that.

Here are some of the usual culprits when it comes to adding up data charges fast:

  • Streaming/downloading video or audio (music or radio) from the internet
  • Using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Using map/GPS apps
  • Uploading or sharing photos and videos through social media, email, or messaging apps
  • Browsing on the internet for a long time
  • Setting your email to automatically fetch new emails
  • Using apps that automatically update or require the use of location services

Tips to manage your data usage:

  • Upgrade your plan to increase your data usage allowance. Log into virginmobile.ca/myaccount to check out our plans
  • Hook up to a Wi-Fi network whenever you can
  • Update apps over Wi-Fi or through your PC and then sync the updates to your smartphone with a USB cable or over Bluetooth
  • Set email settings to manually update/fetch
  • Close and sign out of apps as much as you can
  • Find an app to monitor high usage apps

Tools to help you manage your data:

  • You can quickly check your data usage in the My Usage section of the Virgin Mobile Selfserve app or by logging in to My Account
  • Check out the Data Calculator to find a rate plan or data feature that best suits your usage
  • For details specific to your phone, check out your phones user guide

Still need help?

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  • 1-888-999-2321