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On May 8, 2019, at 2:55 PM (EST) compatible devices will receive a test of the emergency alert from the national Alert Ready service. If you receive a test alert on your device, no action is required. For more info, visit alertready.ca.

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Wanna re-live the joy of getting a stack of bills in the mail? We didn't think so. That's why we've made your e-Bill so easy. Every month, it shows you:

  • What happened on your previous bill
  • New charges that go towards your total bill
  • Important messages from Virgin Mobile
  • Your payment options

Check out this sample bill to see what we're talking about. Your First Bill will be a little different from all the rest, so be sure to check the details.

In an effort to reduce paper billing waste and reduce costs, as of July 2019, we will be begin switching Members to paperless billing, aka eBill. If you currently receive a paper bill, you'll need to take action. Sign up for My Account and be sure we have a valid email address on file. If you'd like to switch to e-Bill now, follow the instructions below.


If you're still getting a paper bill, follow these steps to go green and get your bills electronically:

My Account app

  1. Download and open the My Account app.
  2. Hit Profile from the bottom menu
  3. Sign in (if you haven't logged in previously)
  4. Hit My Profile
  5. Hit Billing and Services
  6. Scroll down until you find Billing Format and then hit the edit button
  7. Pick E-Bill as the type of bill you want and hit Save

My account

  1. Head to virginmobile.ca/billformat and log in.
  2. Pick E-bill and save

Heads-up! If you sign-up for e-Bill, make sure your email address is up to date.


My Account app

  1. Download and open the My Account app.
  2. Hit Bills from the bottom menu
  3. Sign in (if you haven’t logged in previously)
  4. Select the line(s) you would like to view the details on OR scroll down to download the pdf

My account

  1. Head to virginmobile.ca/viewbill and log in.

Heads-up! If you want a detailed version of your bill, scroll down and click on Download detailed bill (PDF).

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  • 1-888-999-2321