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Our New Pay Per Use Data Rates.

We’re making changes to our pay per use data rates, as of August November 2014. Our new rates are perfect for occasional data users who don’t really surf on their phone too much. Like before, we’ll adjust these rates automatically every month based on how much data you use, to make sure you always get the best rates.

New flexible rates

New Flexible Rates
Good to Know:
  • Any overage beyond 250 MB will be charged at $5/250 MB.
  • Pay Per Use rate are for domestic data usage only

How to track your data usage

The power’s in your hands. The power’s in your hands and it only takes a sec to keep on top of your data usage.

My Account app

  1. Download and open your My Account app
  2. Hit the menu icon
  3. Hit My Usage.


  1. Head to virginmobile.ca/myusage and log in.

Depending on the type of apps you use or how you use your phone, data charges can add up really quickly. And nobody wants that.

Learn how you can take control of your data usage


  • I've already been charged the new rates, what gives?

    That’s our bad, sorry about that. We accidentally charged you the new rate too soon. To make it right we’ve gone back and lowered any data pay per use charges from your April & May bill back to your original rate. If you ended up with a credit, we’ll apply it to lower your June bill. Sorry again for the mix-up.

  • How do I know if this update applies to my plan?

    If you’re currently on a Choice or Silver plan, without a data add-on, then these changes will impact you.

  • What if I go over 500MB?

    Additional data is $5/250MB. We will continue to adjust every month based on your usage.