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From sneaking a pic during a date to breaking up by text, the dating rules are changing. Virgin Mobile's Break Up Expert is here to help you clean up your relationships

TORONTO (ONTARIO) February 17, 2011

“Canadians have told us they’re over it. For way too many people, the idea of Valentine’s Day means sitting at home crying into a tub of ice cream while watching a Jennifer Aniston movie,” says Andrew Bridge, brand and communications director, Virgin Mobile Canada.  “It’s time to break up and move to where you can get the love you really deserve. When it comes to their love life – and their mobile phone life – we’ve found expert advice on how Canadians can ditch their totally unsatisfying old relationships and go somewhere they feel loved every single day of the year.”

Virgin Mobile Break Up Expert To The Rescue!

While some say that breaking up is hard to do, Virgin Mobile’s got your back with some tips, tricks and even an expert!  This week, Virgin Mobile is unveiling four new videos showing those painful relationship scenarios where it’s way clear that it’s time to say “See ya later.” Starring Rachel Petrie, the Virgin Mobile Break Up Expert, she dishes out the best advice on the do’s and don’ts for ending those bad relationships and finding a love you can really sink your teeth into.

“I remember all the corny lines and excuses that my ex-boyfriends would use on me. They’d fill me with rage and then I’d do ultimately regrettable things,” says Rachel Petrie, Virgin Mobile’s Break Up Expert. “Now I can break up with anyone and be cool as a cucumber. When Virgin Mobile asked me to help, I knew I could show people the best ways to end their relationships and do it with style cause you may as well go out in a big way.”
To help Canadians break up, Virgin Mobile’s website and Facebook page will be loaded with tools to get rid of that bad relationship – for both your phone and your love.  Also up for grabs will be Virgin Mobile’s “Kiss or Diss” cards to clearly deliver your message to that special someone (or future ex), plus ideas on some apps to help you get through those break ups, make ups or lonely nights dreaming about love.Plus, Virgin Mobile is introducing a sweet offer: the first 25 people who break up with their mobile phone company and switch their number to Virgin Mobile will get a free upgrade to a hot new BlackBerry® Smartphone!
Get all the details on Virgin Mobile’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/virginmobilecan and watch the videos on the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/virginmobilepresents.

Digital Dating & Dumping

To learn more about how Canadians are finding (and forgetting) about love, Virgin Mobile took to the streets to chat with more than 1,000 Canadians in a recent study conducted by Angus Reid. While most said they didn’t care about Valentine’s Day, they sure have some serious opinions about everything else. Some stand out stats include:

  • Text Message Break Ups - A quarter of young Canadians (aged 18-34) think it’s totally ok to break up by phone or text if they’ve been with the person for less than three months.
  • Gettin’ Sneaky – One in 10 young Canadians say that they’ve snuck a pic of their new date to show their friends later, while 13percent of young Canadians have faked a call or text message during their date so that they’d have an excuse to take off. 
  • Nothing But Clichés – Whether they’re being broken up with or doing the breaking, the same cheesy old lines are still the most popular: “It’s not you, it’s me,” “I’m not ready for a relationship” and “We can still be friends” top the list for most common breakup lines.  Only 6percent of Canadians get creative and go for more original breakup lines like “My anxiety disorder makes it incapable to remain connected” or ”I have rabies.”

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