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Virgin mobile says "kiss bad breath goodbye" with its groundbreaking new service

Does My Breath Stink?

TORONTO (ONTARIO) April 1, 2009

Today Virgin Mobile Canada unveiled a revolutionary new mobile phone service that helps people answer the embarrassing question "Does My Breath Stink?" Finally putting an end to one of the most socially disastrous physical problems around today - common Halitosis - Virgin Mobile is expanding its services from letting you make calls to making sure your fresh-smelling breath ensures you'll still have friends to make calls to.


Studies show the number of one night stands and successful job interviews is significantly reduced by the presence of nasty breath; while the instances of crying babies, offers of gum and people yelling "thanks, but no thanks!" is greatly increased.  In response, Virgin Mobile is launching the Virgin Mobile Stink-a-lyzer. This mobile phone service is an industry first - it helps you take a reading of the number of nasty breath particles in your mouth and lets you know if you are good to go... or good to go home.


With the Virgin Mobile Stink-a-lyzer, a customer simply dials 1.647.240.5653, takes a deep breath and then blows into the phone's receiver.  The detection system then kicks into gear and lets you know your breath status on five levels ranging from "Shut Your Mouth Right Now" to "Breath On Me, You Sexy Piece."


“Though I personally have never had bad breath, I've unfortunately had to endure being around others who did and I imagine it must be quite traumatic,” said Nathan Rosenberg, Virgin Mobile Canada's chief marketing officer.  “Too many people think a mint or some gum is going to take care of the problem. But what if you don't have any of that stuff handy? Everyone always has their mobile phone with them, so we're looking to take your Virgin Mobile beyond calls, texting and web browsing into other useful applications. With the Virgin Mobile Stink-a-lyzer you'll never have to worry about those bad breath moments ever again.”


Nathan went on to add, "We tested the Stink-a-lyzer here at Virgin Mobile, in my own department. Everyone breathed into a tester phone before approaching to ask to speak to me. Nobody really smelled badly before, but thanks to the Stink-a-lyzer the number of people making sure their breath was clean and minty before entering my social bubble went through the roof. From personal experience, I can already say that the Stink-a-lyzer is a massive success."


Virgin Mobile is also developing mobile phones that include a stick of deodorant, cologne and/or perfume applicators, a pop-out toothpick/floss/toothbrush feature and an all in one "Virgin Mobile Swiss Army Phone" featuring a variety of useful tools and tiny personal gadgets.


About Virgin Mobile


The Virgin Mobile group of companies has attracted more than 12 million customers worldwide. As the No.1 mobile youth network, Virgin Mobile Canada's mission is to be Canada’s most loved mobile company. Its simpler, better deals offer customers control, flexibility and choice to design mobile packages that truly works for them. J.D. Power and Associates ranked Virgin Mobile highest in customer satisfaction with prepaid wireless service for four years in a row  and 91% of customers would recommend Virgin Mobile to a friend.


Virgin Mobile phones are available at more than 4,000 locations with top-up cards available at more than 10,000 locations nationally. Virgin Mobile products can also be purchased online at http://www.virginmobile.ca or by calling 1-888-999-2321.


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