The term of this promotion shall be from February 17, 2014 to April 30, 2014. (“PromotionPeriod”).

To be eligible for the Offer the participant must:

1) Either be an existing member of the SCENE loyalty program with an account in good standing (for the purpose of this Offer, “good standing” means not cancelled or suspended) or they must become a member within the Promotion Period and maintain their SCENE membership through to the conclusion of the Promotion Period. To become a SCENE member, you must follow the enrolment steps outlined on

2) Be a current Virgin Mobile Member, with account in good standing.

3) Successfully register for the promotion on on or before 11:59 pm EST, April 30, 2014.

Eligible SCENE members who are also Virgin Members will be eligible to earn the double bonus points offer during the Promotion Period regardless of when they register for the promotion (subject to the restriction that Eligible Members may only receive a maximum 100 bonus points in respect of the purchase of adult tickets during a single visit to a Canadian Cineplex theatre location (regardless of how many adult tickets are purchased) and a maximum 100 bonus points in respect of the purchase of child tickets during a single visit to a Cineplex theatre location (50 bonus points per child ticket purchased up to a maximum of 100 bonus points in respect of the purchase of child tickets)). Further, each Eligible Member will only be able to collect the promotional offer a maximum of two times during the Promotion Period.

Eligible Members are able to earn the double points offer when they purchase adult and child tickets from a Cineplex theatre location or from, or the Cineplex app. Virgin Members must either swipe their SCENE member card in theatre or enter their SCENE Member number online.

Eligible Members must enter their Virgin Mobile phone number, SCENE member number, full name and e-mail at The SCENE member number must match the SCENE member information in their SCENE account, and the Virgin mobile number must be in the same name as the SCENE member’s account.

The double points offer is only valid on full price adult and child ticket purchases and not on admit one coupons, two for one coupons, SCENE redemptions or any other discount offers to Cineplex theatres.

SCENE members should check their accounts online at to confirm that points have been posted to their accounts. Points will be deposited into member accounts up to 21 days after the completion of the promotion.

SCENE, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke any SCENE points issued in connection with this Offer and/or cancel SCENE membership accounts, if SCENE feels the SCENE points were issued or used fraudulently or not in accordance with these terms and conditions. Proof of purchase may be required to qualify for the double points SCENE offer.