XML Sitemap Generator

Patterns to be excluded from the sitemap:


How to use this tool

  1. Input regular expressions in the text area to exclude certain URLs from the Sitemap.
  2. Click on Create Sitemap to generate the Sitemap.
  3. Review the newly cerated sitemap in the Preview area.
  4. If further changes are needed adjust your list of regular expressions and re-create the Sitemap.
  5. When you are happy, click Notify Google or Notify Bing to alert the search engines that a new Sitemap has been created.

Help With Regular Expressions

This tool uses Java regular expression to determine which URLs should not be included in the sitemap.
Java regular expression tutorial


  • Exclude the whole members lounge directory: '/members-lounge/'
  • Exclude any url containing the word 'en': 'en'
  • Exclude any url with the numbers 0-9: [0-9]
  • Match any character with any number of repeats: .*
  • Match any file ending in '.html': .*\.html$ Note: We use backslash to escape the special meaning of the '.' character.

Sitemap Results: