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Not sure if you've got a SIM card?

Your SIM Card is the little guy in the Virgin Mobile envelope attached to (or inside!) the box of your new phone.

Here's a pic of what the package might look like:

Heads Up! You can't activate this phone in BC, AB, SASK, MB, and NWT due to a network shutdown. Call 1-877-896-8483 for more info.

Can't find your ESN/MEID?

Open up the back of your phone and look for an 11-digit or 14-digit number that is labeled either ESN or MEID.

How do I find the SIM number?

Check the little card that came in the Virgin Mobile envelope. Below the bar-code is a 20-digit SIM number beginning with 893026. It looks like this:

Or check the actual SIM Card. It’s on there too.

Heads-up! Make sure you turn off your phone before inserting your SIM card.

Your IMEI number is 15-digits and only contains numbers, not letters. You can find it in a few ways:

  • Type the code *#06# into your phone to display your IMEI number (this works on most, but not all, phones)
  • On the side of the box of your new phone
  • It’s usually under the battery of your phone (If you have a phone with a removable battery!)


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