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Protect your bundle of phone joy.

SmartCare plans extend your new phone’s warranty and let you relax, knowing you won’t get dinged for a replacement phone if something happens. Plus, you can choose your level of protection. Play safe.

Heads-up! Virgin Mobile SmartCare Plus and Virgin Mobile SmartCare Premium are currently not available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Here are the levels of protection for the type of phone you’ve got:

Limited Warranty
Plus Premium
Price Per Month - $4/mo.

Basic phones, select BlackBerry®
and Android smartphones

"Phones" or "Smartphones" under the
Virgin Mobile SmartCare Terms and Conditions


Basic phones, select BlackBerry® and Android smartphones

"Phones" or "Smartphones" under the Virgin Mobile SmartCare Terms and Conditions


Apple iPhone, select BlackBerry®, and Android smartphones

"Premium Select Smartphones" under the Virgin Mobile SmartCare Terms and Conditions

Manufacturer Defects
within 12 months
Manufacturer Defects
beyond 12 months
Liquid Damage - - YES YES
Physical Damage - - YES YES
Lost or Stolen - - YES YES
Power Surge - - YES YES
Normal wear & tear - - YES YES
SERVICE REPLACEMENT FEES - $50 for phone or up to $150 for smartphone. $50 for phone or up to $150 for smartphone. Up to $249 for iPhone or smartphone.
NUMBER OF REPLACEMENTS - 2 maximum 2 maximum

Good to know:

  • SmartCare plans cover one phone or data stick per account and get you up to two replacements.
  • SIM cards or accessories (like batteries and chargers) aren't covered. View the full list of eligible phones and data sticks.
  • The cost of a replacement Basic phones or data stick is $50, the cost of a replacement Android or BlackBerry smartphone is up to $150 and the cost of a Premium Select - Smartphone is $249. Shipping fees might apply.

See full Terms and Conditions

How does SmartCare work?

For manufacturer’s defects in the first 12 months:
Head to your closest Virgin Mobile Service Lounge or call us at 1-888-999-23211-888-999-2321 to get help. We’ve got a loaner program available. A deposit and some shipping charges might apply.

To use your SmartCare Plan:
Give us a call at 1.866.213.2143. We’ll ship a replacement to you in about one-two business days, but it might be up to 10 days if you live in a rural area. Shipping charges might apply.

We’ll try our best to send you the same make and model you’ve already got. We might send you a like-new phone or data stick of the same or a comparable model. Because of this, we can’t guarantee that the colour, features or accessory compatibility will be the same. If you use a SIM card with your device and you take it out to use with another device, the second device doesn’t become covered by SmartCare.

How to sign-up

The best time to sign up for SmartCare is when you activate or upgrade to a new phone. Alternatively you can come back to Virgin Mobile store within 30 days of signing up with us and add SmartCare. We just need to make sure your phone isn’t already broken as previously damaged or defective phones aren’t eligible for SmartCare.

  • Eligible phones, smartphones and data sticks:

    Apple iPhone

    • IPhone 6s Plus 16GB
    • IPhone 6s Plus 64GB
    • IPhone 6s Plus 128GB
    • IPhone 6s 16GB
    • IPhone 6s 64GB
    • IPhone 6s 128GB
    • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB
    • iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
    • iPhone 6 Plus 128GB
    • iPhone 6 16GB
    • iPhone 6 64GB
    • iPhone 6 128GB
    • iPhone 5c 8GB
    • iPhone 5c 16GB
    • iPhone 5c 32GB
    • iPhone 5s 16GB
    • iPhone 5s 32GB
    • iPhone 5s 64GB
    • iPhone 5 16GB
    • iPhone 5 32GB
    • iPhone 5 64GB
    • iPhone 4S 8GB
    • iPhone 4S 16GB
    • iPhone 4S 32GB
    • iPhone 4S 64GB

    BlackBerry® smartphones

    • BlackBerry® Classic
    • BlackBerry® Q5
    • BlackBerry® Z10
    • BlackBerry® Q10
    • BlackBerry® Curve 9320

    Android smartphones

    • Alcatel
    • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3
    • Alcatel OneTouch Idol X
    • Alcatel OneTouch Idol Mini
    • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S
    • HTC
    • HTC Desire 626s
    • HTC One S
    • HTC One
    • HTC Desire C
    • HTC Desire 601
    • HTC Desire 510
    • Motorola
    • Moto G (3rd Gen)
    • Motorola RAZR V
    • Sony
    • Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
    • Sony Xperia J
    • Sony Xperia SP
    • Sony Xperia M
    • Sony Xperia E1
    • Sony Xperia T3
    • Sony Xperia E3
    • Samsung
    • Samsung Galaxy A5
    • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
    • Samsung Galaxy S6
    • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    • Samsung Galaxy Core LTE
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
    • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Samsung Galaxy S4
    • Samsung S4 Mini
    • Samsung Galaxy S III
    • Samsung Galaxy S II
    • Samsung Galaxy S
    • Samsung Galaxy Discover
    • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    • Samsung Galaxy ACE II x
    • LG
    • LG G4
    • LG G4 (Vigor)
    • LG G3
    • LG Nexus 5
    • LG Nexus 4
    • LG Optimus L1 II
    • ZTE
    • ZTE Grand X 2
    • ZTE Grand X

    Windows Phones

    • Windows Phone 8S by HTC

    Basic phones + Data Sticks

    • LG
    • LG F4NR
    • LG F4n
    • LG 230 Simple Flip
    • LG 290 Sway
    • LG 700 Bliss
    • LG Flick
    • LG Optimus Chic
    • LG Optimus Net
    • LG 265 Rumour 2
    • Samsung
    • Samsung Impact
    • Samsung Link R351
    • Samsung Vice R561
    • Samsung Swift C414M
    • Samsung R100 StuntMC
    • Samsung M320 Cobra
    • Samsung M330 Griffin
    • Nokia
    • Nokia 2730
    • Novatel
    • Novatel 998
    • Novatel 999
    • Novatel 1000
    • Novatel MC760
    • Novatel MC761
    • Novatel MC762
    • Novatel Ovation MC547

Heads-up! Before SmartCare covers your phone, you’ll need to make at least one phone call or use at least 1 KB of data. SmartCare isn’t available on Prepaid Plans and doesn’t cover SIM cards, batteries, chargers or any other accessories.

See full Terms and Conditions

Got questions about SmartCare? We can help.

  • What do I do when I receive my replacement?
    • Return the defective device within 5 business days of receiving your replacement (unless it’s lost or stolen) with the prepaid waybill and box that we’ll send to you. Defective devices won’t be returned to you.
    • If you don’t send the defective device back to us within 5 business days, there’ll be a $100 recovery charge for a phone or data stick a $300 recovery charge for a smartphone and a $600 charge for Premium Select – Smartphone such as Apple iPhone.
    • If we’ve replaced a device and its failure isn’t covered under SmartCare, there’ll be a $100 charge for a phone or data stick a $300 charge for a smartphone and a $600 charge for a Premium Select – Smartphone such as Apple iPhone.
  • Can I transfer my info to my new phone?
    Totally. Make sure all data and apps that you’ve installed are backed up so that you can just switch them over to your new phone when you get it. Check out your phone's user guide for help on how to transfer.
  • What happens if I don’t hook up SmartCare?
    SmartCare is totally optional. You don’t need to have it to hook up a phone or internet stick with us. Without it, you might be responsible for the total replacement cost of your device if it’s damaged, stolen, lost or is determined to be defective after the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.
  • What if I want to cancel my SmartCare plan?
    You can cancel SmartCare anytime without any extra charges.