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Advanced Messaging available on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Advanced Messaging builds on traditional text messaging (SMS) and picture/video messaging (MMS) by adding a variety of new features, including:

  • Messages up to 8,000 characters.
  • File transfers to support high-quality pictures, longer videos and additional file types. (e.g., PDF, XLS, ZIP)
  • Group chats with up to 100 participants.
  • Enhanced delivery notifications to show if the message was delivered, read, or if the other party is typing, etc.
  • Unified inbox that merges all Advanced Messaging, SMS and MMS messages with the same contact into one conversation history.


Advanced Messaging is currently available automatically within the default messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy S8. More devices will be added in the future.

In order to get Advanced Messaging, you will need:

  • A post-paid Virgin Mobile rate plan with data and text messaging enabled.
  • A Virgin LTE SIM card.
  • VoLTE settings toggle on device must be turned on (Note: on by default)
  • You'll also need to be in the ever growing area with network coverage (same coverage area as Voice and Video over LTE).


To use Advanced Messaging, both parties must have Advanced Messaging available on their smartphones. Messages are sent automatically in the format available (i.e. messages to a non- Advanced Messaging phone will default to SMS/MMS). The experience is seamless to you – all messages will still appear in the same inbox and conversation history. Messages appearing in a green bubble are Advanced Messaging, where as those appearing in yellow are SMS and/or MMS.

To see if you're using Advanced Messaging, look for enhanced delivery notifications in your conversation history (e.g. delivered, read, typing etc.).

sending a message sending a message

Sending a message: To send a message via Advanced Messaging, just follow the same steps as sending a regular text message.

sending a file sending a file

Sending a file: To send a file via Advanced Messaging, just follow the same steps as sending a regular picture/video message.

Starting a group chat Starting a group chat Starting a group chat

Starting a group chat: You can send messages and files to multiple people at the same time. All responses will be available to everyone in the group. In the default messaging app, select the menu icon (top-right corner). Select "Start group chat", select contacts to add to the chat and send a message. Once the group has been created, you can send messages and/or files as usual.
Please note: only contacts with Advanced Messaging can be added to the group.

Starting a group chat Starting a group chat
  • Why are my files not automatically downloaded when I receive them?

    Files are sent in a thumbnail format. You must tap the thumbnail to download the entire file (which will expire after 7 days). This will enable you to better manage the amount of data that is being sent to your mobile device.

    Starting a group chat

  • How do I turn auto-download on/off for file transfers?

    To turn auto-download on/off for file transfers, tap the menu icon (top right corner), open "Settings", select "Chat Settings", and then choose your selection.

    Starting a group chat

    Heads Up! Auto-download for file transfers is turned off by default. To download, simply tap the thumbnail within 7 days (after which it will expire).




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