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Member Updates

Updates to One-Time Charges

A few of our services have a one-time charge, and some of those are changing as of July 22, 2014. If you’d like to do any of the following, the fee will change from $25 to $35:

  • Change your mobile number
  • Resume a cancelled service
  • Restore a suspended service (if suspended for non-payment)
  • Change the name on the bill or transfer ownership

Check out the complete list of one-time charges

Changes to the Monthly Cost of Select Silver and Gold Plans.

Virgin Mobile offers Members super-hot smartphones, ridiculously fast LTE speeds and plans with loads of extras built right in. To maintain and improve the service we provide starting April 2014, the monthly recurring charge for select Silver and Gold plans is going up by $3. Plan features will stay the same as before

Find out what monthly plans will be affected by this change

Heads-up! CDMA EVDO data speed changes in Western Canada.

As of March 31st, our roaming partner will be shutting down their CDMA EVDO data network in Western Canada, and impacted Members will fall back to the 1xRTT CDMA network data. What's with all the acronyms? All this means is that Members using certain phones in the impacted regions (British Columbia and rural areas of Alberta) will continue to be able to make phone calls and send text messages, but will experience slower data speeds.

How slow? EVDO data speeds can reach up to 3.1Mbps. 1XRTT data speeds reach up to 153 Kbps.

Our Pay Per Use Data Rates are Changing

As of your August bill date we’re making a few changes to the rates for domestic pay per use data. If you’re on a plan that includes data, this change won’t affect you.


Heads-up! You won’t be able to send picture and video messages on select older phones.

As of December 31st, the following CDMA phones will no longer be able to send picture and video messages but you will still be able to receive picture and video messages. If you try to send either a picture or video message from your phone, you will receive the following error:

Message: Error C26. Please try again.
Prompt: Retry/Cancel