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Manage Your Prepaid Account 24/7.

Take control of your Virgin Mobile Prepaid account. Here's all you need to know about doing it yourself.

Mobile My Account

Managing your Prepaid account on-the-go is easy and instant. Plus, it's free anywhere in Canada.

How to access mobile My Account on your phone:

  • Head to my.vmobile.camy.vmobile.ca. This link will only work from your phone, not from your computer.

You can do a few more things in My Account than you can in mobile My Account. Learn more.

My Account

Using My Account is a great way to manage your services on your own time.

How to access My Account:

  • Head to virginmobile.ca/myaccount and login to My Account. For your best experience, visit us on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

Check out what you can do using My Account

Still need help?

  • Call Us

  • 1-888-999-2321