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We Want You! Join A Virgin Mobile Tester Team.

We’ve got the hottest phones and we want you to test them. We’re building an army of super-savvy Member phone lovers. Give us some info and tell us why you’re the one for the job. If you can prove that you’re creative and cool enough, we’ll give you a free upgrade to one of our hottest new smartphones.

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apply now!

Heads-up! Depending on your plan, you might need to upgrade to have enough data to get the most out of a smartphone. Be sure you've got enough data or are cool to upgrade before applying for the Tester Team.

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Hey there!

Applications for our latest Tester Teams have closed and we're not looking for any more Teams right now.

Follow us on Twitter @virginmobilecan and hashtag #vmtester for news about future Tester Teams.

How it works

  • Take the new Samsung Galaxy S5 for a spin and give us four Twitter tips or tricks over 4 weeks.
  • Post them on Twitter with #vmtester to spread your expertise around.
  • To say thanks, the smartphone is yours to keep. Your Twitter awesomeness, however, lives on forever.

be in the know.

Blackberry 10

Sign up to learn when the new HTC One is available at Virgin Mobile + be entered to win one!

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